Thomson Homes proposals for Powmill

Thomson Homes recognises the village’s inherent strengths and is seeking to promote a major expansion to revitalise Powmill.

Thomson Homes is seeking an appropriate scale of expansion which can put ‘heart’ back into the village.

The main features of the Development Concept are:

• Expand Powmill into the areas identified by the Council and community as having development potential. These development areas together provide the physical framework to expand the village by an additional 90 homes.
• New affordable work units, and potentially artisan workshops.
• Care facilities on the site of the Gartwhinzean Hotel and adjacent area.
• Mixed use near the centre of the village to increase activity.
• The proposed development will create a village heart as a physical focus for village activity.
• A better junction arrangement between the A977 and A823 to slow traffic down and provide more safety to pedestrians.
• The development will introduce traffic calming measures along the A977 as well as gateway features to the village.
• Maintain agricultural land as buffer between sensitive ecology along the Gairney Burn and new development.
• New waste water treatment works to serve the whole village and improve water quality in the Gairney Burn.

This scale of development will be delivered within the period of the Local Development Plan.


Process of Engagement

Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan
The draft proposals were prepared as a submission to the emerging Local Development Plan for Perth and Kinross Council. The Council is in the process of preparing a new Development Plan, and the submission by Thomson Homes forms part of the consultation process the Council is undertaking with local communities, Key Agencies and others in the preparation of a Main Issues Report. This is currently being considered by the Council, with the aspiration to publish the Main Issues Report for full public consultation in September 2010.

Only after consultation will the Council decide whether the current proposal has merits and should form part of the Proposed Local Plan. The Proposed Plan will be subject to further consultation, probably September 2011 or later. Thereafter, the Plan is modified further then subject to what’s known now as an ‘Examination’ by Scottish Ministers (formerly Local Plan Inquiry). Only after this full and rigorous process is the Plan adopted. Current timescales suggest this will be sometime in 2015.

In the meantime, the project team is liaising with the Council’s Roads Department and Education Department to understand their response to the initial proposals.

Community Consultation
The Director of Thomson Homes, Ken Thomson, and Bob Salter and Alex Schlicke of Geddes Consulting, Planning and Development consultants to the project, presented the proposals to a packed community hall in mid November. A lively discussion followed the presentation, with opinions ranging from trepidation about the scale of the proposals to support for the concept of revitalising the village through new development.

Refining the proposals
The engagement process allows the Project Team to better understand the local priorities and concerns. The desire to slow traffic down along the main road through the village was strongly voiced at the initial consultation, and this will be addressed, in collaboration with the Council’s Roads Department, as part of refining the proposals.

Ongoing engagement
Thomson Homes will continue this process of community engagement with the local community to enable local support and understanding of the proposals. As further engagement takes place, updates will be posted on this web page to keep people informed of progress made, and how the proposals are changing to take account of feedback received.

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